Outline of neck of violin.


The carving begins...

Ready to attach to the fingerboard.

More carving will be needed on underside of neck.

Neck and fingerboard now attached.

Detail of scroll of neck.


Outlined for graduation on the inside of back of violin.  The measurements are all at 64ths of an inch.


Outside of back of violin.  Purfling is complete.  Purling has a decorative purpose but also keeps the edges strong.

Mold for the body of the violin with the neck where it eventually be placed.


Mold with the sides of violin installed.  The sides stay on this mold until the back is added.

Here the back and sides are installed and together.

Inside of top of violin, partially carved.  Ready for graduations, all at 64ths of an inch.

Outside of top of violin, ready for additional graduations.  Channel for purfling not yet filled but is ready to be added.

Template for the outside top of violin.  This checks the graduations.

More templates for checking graduation of top, outside.

On left is the graduation of inside top of violin.  Graduation is partially complete on the right.

Top complete, sound holes have been added.  Small saw was used to carve these holes.

Inside of top.  Bass bar has now been added.  The bass bar provides support for the top side as well as adding to the sound.

Detail of inside of back.

Detail of purfling.

Finished neck ready for tuning pegs.

Tuning pegs installed and ready for strings.


Peter J. Shovlin

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